Barack Obama Must Go

Barack Obama's Double Standard

Supported by the liberal media, and biased heavyweights such as CBS News' Katie Couric and ABC News' Charles Gibson, Barack Obama has succeeded in using the banner of political correctness (PC) to silence his critics while leveraging a double standard to destroy his opponents. For instance, Obama's use of the phrase "typical white person" is buried by the leftist media. However, if Hillary Clinton, John Edwards or John McCain used the phrase "typical black person", they would have certainly been labeled hate-mongering racists and headlines would persist until they surrendered their resignations. Similarly, if the 20 year spiritual advisor to any Caucasian presidential candidate had screamed racist, anti-semitic and anti-American rants from the pulpit, the presidential candidate would have certainly been criticized by the media for such poor judgment that the candidate himself or herself would be demonized by the media to the point of disrepair and resignation.

Compare the overt racist statements made by Obama and his spiritual advisor which get watered down by the media and moved to back page stories with the non-racist remarks made by Caucasians which get spun in a web of political correctness and sensationalized by the media. In fact, not even America's first black president is immune to the political correctness profiling that feeds resentment and sells news. When Bill Clinton quite accurately spoke of Obama's inexperience during a New Hampshire event in January 2008 and likened Obama's campaign to a "fairytale", the media ceased the opportunity to infer racial insensitivity, and in fact pure racism, into a benign remark which had no such connotation. Nonetheless, the black radio circuits lit up, civil rights groups expressed outrage, the story persisted for months, the media effectively labeled America's first black president a racist and Obama's popularity surged.

Bill Clinton Racist

Similarly, when Hillary Clinton tried to illustrate meaningful presidential action, and quite accurately referenced the historical chain of events with the statement, “Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It took a president to get it done” she too was labeled racially insensitive. Apparently, Hillary Clinton forgot two things. First, political correctness trumps history. When history is not PC, it can be ignored or modified so as not to offend anyone. Second, there was a black man in the race who is heavily favored by the leftist media and any words than can be steered to potentially racist remarks will be put on the fast track in order to sensationalize the story and demonize the speaker.


The ridiculousness and dangers of Political Correctness to America.

Barack Obama

Racism is a one way street - from white to back. The words, actions and history of a black man are immune from scrutiny and racial bigotry.