Barack Obama Must Go

Ethics (and Political Favors) For Sale

Barack Obama began a disturbing political contribution for political favor exchange at the onset of his public service career. After becoming an Illinois state Senator, Obama received more than $100,000 from a company owned by an entrepreneur whom Obama helped to obtain state grants.

Chicago entrepreneur Robert Blackwell Jr., a recurring financial contributor to Obama’s campaigns, paid Obama an $8,000 per month retainer beginning in 2001 for as needed legal advice to his technology company, Electronic Knowledge Interchange (EKI). The monthly payout's from EKI more than supplemented Obama’s $58,000 per year state Senate salary, and eventually totaled $112,000, the majority of Obama's total income.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “A few months after he received his final payment from EKI, Obama sent a request on state Senate letterhead urging Illinois officials to provide a $50,000 tourism promotion grant to another Blackwell company, Killerspin.” The Killerspin company operates table tennis tournaments around the country and sells apparel, merchandise and DVD recordings.

Several Illinois state senators claim the concept of table tennis games receiving taxpayer funds from a state tourism program was met with great skepticism by state officials. However, the Killerspin organization received funding of $20,000 the first year, $200,000 in 2003 and $100,000 in 2004 in order to subsidize its operations. The Los Angeles Times also discovered that only one day after Obama wrote his letter urging that Killerspin receive the grant, Blackwell contributed another $1,000 to Obama’s Senate campaign.

According to the Los Angles Times, Barack Obama did not specify on disclosure forms for 2001 and 2002 that EKI provided him with most of his private-sector compensation. In the April 27, 2008 newspaper edition, the Times disclosed that Barack Obama laundered money through a law firm to conceal the source of his income while an Illinois state senator. The monthly payments by EKI were sent to the law firm that Obama was affiliated with at the time, currently known as Miner, Barnhill & Galland, however, the entire payment was then forwarded only to Obama, who was considered "of counsel" to the firm, according to details provided to The Times by the Obama campaign.

The entire campaign donor to government payout cycle comes on the heals of Obama expressing regret over a political favors and a property deal with state of Illinois power broker Tony Rezko after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said his regret was not only because the real estate and restaurant entrepreneur was under criminal scrutiny, but because he was "a contributor and someone doing business before the state."

Robert Blackwell is named on Obama’s Web site with committing to contribute $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs told the Los Angeles Times reporting team that Obama did nothing wrong in acting on Blackwell’s behalf for a “worthy project” developed by a constituent. You be the judge.

Lets hope than hundred thousand dollar campaign contributions that buy hundred thousand dollar government hand outs (at taxpayer expense) don't escalate to become million dollar contributions that buy hundred million dollar government subsidies.


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