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A Pattern of Concerns | Not Fit To Be Commander in Chief

Why would a presidential candidate choose to avoid placing his hand on his heart during the national anthem?

Obama pledge of allegience
Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator
Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin during the national anthem.

Is it coincidence that this is the presidential candidate who's wife, Michelle Obama, stated February 18, 2008 "For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country." Is she only proud of her country because her husband campaigns to be its leader and previously has not been proud of her country?

Is it further coincidence that this is the presidential candidate who's spiritual advisor for the last 20 years, and the man who married he and his wife, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., is anti-semitic and claims that America supports terrorism, invited the 9/11 attack, invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against African Americans, blames the Jews for the world's problems and seemingly enjoys the repeated rant of "God Damn America"? Is it a coincidence that this is the presidential candidate endorsed by Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and other anti-white and anti-semitic hate groups?

Is it anything less than a double standard and complete bigotry when Obama stereotypes with the phrase "typical white person", knowing that if Hillary Clinton, John McCain or any other non-African American recast the same phrase in the form of 'typical black person' they would themselves be cast a racist and their resignation demanded?

Are these behaviors that the American people can trust to their Commander-in-Chief? These are difficult questions that when posed individually can be easily dismissed, however, when posed collectively give the appearance of a pattern which is clearly not in the best interest of America. Permalink

False Calls For Ethics Reform

Barack Obama has intensified his alleged disdain for lobbyists and commitment to end or reduce lobbyist and special interest influence in Washington. As part of the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama made repeated attacks against Senator John McCain and accused McCain of ties to lobbyists.

While the goal is admirable and lobbyist influence must be reduced if politicians are to serve constituents and act on behalf of the people, Obama's record demonstrates that his claims are nothing more than rhetoric designed to earn media sound bytes and perpetuate his holier-than-though image. Obama has personally served with lobbyists during his earliest days as an elected official in the state of Illinois.

Upon his first election win in the state of Illinois, Obama immediately capitalized on a close relationship with political operator and now convicted felon Tony Rezko which ultimately got Obama a bigger home in Chicago's south side (in June 2005). Obama then grew his lobbyists connections while an elected official in Illinois.

Obama then surrounded his presidential campaign with lobbyist advisors and was the beneficiary of vast amounts of lobbyist financial contributions. To disguise the obvious conflict of interest Obama did not directly pay lobbyist advisors as 'staff', but it would seem they expect payback at some point.

And when Obama picked America's number two position, he chose none other than senator and lobbyist Joe Biden. While Biden makes every attempt to conceal his lobbying interests and income, the matter is a public record which the liberal media shows no interest in reviewing. For example, Biden most recently signed on as a lobbyist for the law firm Sharp & Barnes, which represents billionaire couple Russell DeLeon and wife Ruth Parasol. This couple runs an Internet sport book and gambling business and recently made the Forbes top billionaire's list. The lobbying documents on file with the Senate Public Records Office show that Joe Biden lobbied on behalf of the billionaire couple and specifically, on the “legality of internet gaming” and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which Congress passed in 2006.

With Biden, lobbying is a family affair. Biden's son, Hunter, is a partner in the lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair. Hunter Biden and his partners frequently provide lobbyist services for institutions seeking money in federal appropriation bills (bills on which Dad votes and has influence). Obama's claims against lobbying influence are nothing more than grand standing and completely hypocritical. Obama would be well advised to step down from his soapbox until he can rid himself and his self interests of lobbying contributions. Permalink

Obama Conceals Illegal Alien Relative

Should America expect a Commander In Chief to control our borders and illegal immigration problem when the Commander In Chief himself conceals from the American public that his own relative is an illegal alien residing in America and benefiting from social programs paid for by U.S. taxpayers?

Although extremely well concealed during the 2008 presidential campaign, the Associated Press discovered on October 31, 2008 that Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has been secretly living in public housing in Boston. She is in the United States illegally after an immigration judge rejected her request for asylum four years ago. Onyango is Obama's aunt on his father's side.

Zeituni Onyango

Onyango, a 56 year old Kenyan native, is referred to as "Aunti Zeituni" in Obama's book, and was ordered to leave the United States by a U.S. immigration judge who denied her asylum request. Onyango's refusal to leave the U.S. represents a violation of U.S. immigration law. Permalink

Obama Plays The Race Card

After previously suggesting race should play no role in presidential politics, Barack Obama became the first candidate to officially inject race into the presidential campaign during a June 21, 2008 speech which was little more than a shallow attempt to play the race card.

According to Obama, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?”

Again on July 31, 2008, Obama resurfaced race while stumping in Missouri. Obama stated to voters in Springfield:

"He's got a funny name. You know, he doesn't look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He's risky. That's essentially the argument they're making."

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis responded that "Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It's divisive, negative, shameful and wrong."

Obama's opponent, Republican John McCain, has attacked Obama on his inexperience, his inconsistency and on the issues, however, never on race. In fact, the only publicized race accusations to date have come from Hillary Clinton's campaign during the democratic nominee process as well as the outright racist rants from Obama's 20 year spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and the follow-on racial bigotry also given from the Trinity church pulpit by Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Obama's presumptive and unsupported racial allegations against his opponent's political party are akin to Hillary Clinton's infamous claim of a "right wing conspiracy" trying to suggest her husband had repeated sex with a White House intern. However, Obama's accusation is divisive and injecting race for political circumstance or benefit insults American voters and clouds and deminimizes actual racial claims that can be substantiated and acted upon.

Barack Obama's Double Standard

Supported by the liberal media, and biased heavyweights such as CBS News' Katie Couric, Barack Obama has succeeded in using the banner of political correctness (PC) to silence his critics while leveraging a double standard to destroy his opponents. For instance, Obama's use of the phrase "typical white person" is buried by the leftist media. However, if Hillary Clinton, John Edwards or John McCain used the phrase "typical black person", they would have certainly been labeled hate-mongering racists and headlines would persist until they surrendered their resignations. Similarly, if the 20 year spiritual advisor to any Caucasian presidential candidate had screamed racist, anti-semitic and anti-American rants from the pulpit, the presidential candidate would have certainly been criticized by the media for such poor judgment that the candidate himself or herself would be demonized by the media to the point of disrepair and resignation.

Compare the overt racist statements made by Obama and his spiritual advisor which get watered down by the media and moved to back page stories with the non-racist remarks made by Caucasians which get spun in a web of political correctness and sensationalized by the media. In fact, not even America's first black president is immune to the political correctness profiling that feeds resentment and sells news. When Bill Clinton quite accurately spoke of Obama's inexperience during a New Hampshire event in January 2008 and likened Obama's campaign to a "fairytale", the media ceased the opportunity to infer racial insensitivity, and in fact pure racism, into a benign remark which had no such connotation. Nonetheless, the black radio circuits lit up, civil rights groups expressed outrage, the story persisted for months, the media effectively labeled America's first black president a racist and Obama's popularity surged.

Bill Clinton Racist

Similarly, when Hillary Clinton tried to illustrate meaningful presidential action, and quite accurately referenced the historical chain of events with the statement, “Dr King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It took a president to get it done” she too was labeled racially insensitive. Apparently, Hillary Clinton forgot two things. First, political correctness trumps history. When history is not PC, it can be ignored or modified so as not to offend anyone. Second, there was a black man in the race who is heavily favored by the leftist media and any words than can be steered to potentially racist remarks will be put on the fast track in order to sensationalize the story and demonize the speaker. Permalink

Hypocrite Barack Obama

It's more than ironic, and in fact it's completely hypocritical, that Barack Obama refuses to repudiate the anti-American, anti-white, anti-Jew inflammatory and racist rants by his 20 year pastor and proclaimed spiritual advisor after having demanded the firing of Imus less than one year ago. In April 2007, after talk show personality Don Imus made the ridiculous and offensive remark referring the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy headed hos", Barack Obama was one of the first to demand Imus be fired.

Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr and Obama
Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr

According to Obama in an ABC News interview on April 11, “There’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude." However, while Imus publicly apologized and then privately met with and apologized to the women he offended, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. has made no apology, and Obama has not called for him to make an apology or encourage any other atonement for the extremely offensive statements. Permalink

Ethics (and Political Favors) For Sale

Barack Obama began a disturbing political contribution for political favor exchange at the onset of his public service career. After becoming an Illinois state Senator, Obama received more than $100,000 from a company owned by an entrepreneur whom Obama helped to obtain state grants.

Chicago entrepreneur Robert Blackwell Jr., a recurring financial contributor to Obama’s campaigns, paid Obama an $8,000 per month retainer beginning in 2001 for as needed legal advice to his technology company, Electronic Knowledge Interchange (EKI). The monthly payout's from EKI more than supplemented Obama’s $58,000 per year state Senate salary, and eventually totaled $112,000, the majority of Obama's total income.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “A few months after he received his final payment from EKI, Obama sent a request on state Senate letterhead urging Illinois officials to provide a $50,000 tourism promotion grant to another Blackwell company, Killerspin.” The Killerspin company operates table tennis tournaments around the country and sells apparel, merchandise and DVD recordings.

Several Illinois state senators claim the concept of table tennis games receiving taxpayer funds from a state tourism program was met with great skepticism by state officials. However, the Killerspin organization received funding of $20,000 the first year, $200,000 in 2003 and $100,000 in 2004 in order to subsidize its operations. The Los Angeles Times also discovered that only one day after Obama wrote his letter urging that Killerspin receive the grant, Blackwell contributed another $1,000 to Obama’s Senate campaign.

According to the Los Angles Times, Barack Obama did not specify on disclosure forms for 2001 and 2002 that EKI provided him with most of his private-sector compensation. In the April 27, 2008 newspaper edition, the Times disclosed that Barack Obama laundered money through a law firm to conceal the source of his income while an Illinois state senator. The monthly payments by EKI were sent to the law firm that Obama was affiliated with at the time, currently known as Miner, Barnhill & Galland, however, the entire payment was then forwarded only to Obama, who was considered "of counsel" to the firm, according to details provided to The Times by the Obama campaign.

The entire campaign donor to government payout cycle comes on the heals of Obama expressing regret over a political favors and a property deal with state of Illinois power broker Tony Rezko after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said his regret was not only because the real estate and restaurant entrepreneur was under criminal scrutiny, but because he was "a contributor and someone doing business before the state."

Robert Blackwell is named on Obama’s Web site with committing to contribute $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign. Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs told the Los Angeles Times reporting team that Obama did nothing wrong in acting on Blackwell’s behalf for a “worthy project” developed by a constituent. You be the judge. Lets hope than hundred thousand dollar campaign contributions that buy hundred thousand dollar government hand outs (at taxpayer expense) don't escalate to become million dollar contributions that buy hundred million dollar government subsidies. Permalink


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