Barack Obama Must Go

False Calls For Ethics Reform

Barack Obama has intensified his alleged disdain for lobbyists and commitment to end or reduce lobbyist and special interest influence in Washington. As part of the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama made repeated attacks against Senator John McCain and accused McCain of ties to lobbyists.

While the goal is admirable and lobbyist influence must be reduced if politicians are to serve constituents and act on behalf of the people, Obama's record demonstrates that his claims are nothing more than rhetoric designed to earn media sound bytes and perpetuate his holier-than-though image.

Obama wasted no time in using his role and influence as an elected official to develop lobbyist connections and relationships. Upon his first election win in the state of Illinois, Obama immediately capitalized on a close relationship with political operator and now convicted felon Tony Rezko which ultimately got Obama a bigger home in Chicago's south side (in June 2005). Obama then grew his lobbyists connections while an elected official in Illinois.

Obama Lobbyist
Legislation sponsored by lobbyist and personally championed by Obama

Obama then surrounded his presidential campaign with lobbyist advisors and was the beneficiary of vast amounts of lobbyist financial contributions. To disguise the obvious conflict of interest Obama did not pay lobbyist advisors as 'staff', but it would seem they expect payback at some point.

And when Obama picked America's number two position, he chose none other than senator and lobbyist Joe Biden. While Biden makes every attempt to conceal his lobbying interests and income, the matter is a public record which the liberal media shows no interest in reviewing. For example, Biden most recently signed on as a lobbyist for the law firm Sharp & Barnes, which represents billionaire couple Russell DeLeon and wife Ruth Parasol. This couple runs an Internet sport book and gambling business and recently made the Forbes top billionaire's list. The lobbying documents on file with the Senate Public Records Office show that Joe Biden lobbied on behalf of the billionaire couple and specifically, on the “legality of internet gaming” and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which Congress passed in 2006.

With Biden, lobbying is a family affair. Biden's son, Hunter, is a partner in the lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair. Hunter Biden and his partners frequently provide lobbyist services for institutions seeking money in federal appropriation bills (bills on which Dad votes and has influence). Obama's claims against lobbying influence are nothing more than grand standing and completely hypocritical. Obama would be well advised to step down from his soapbox until he can rid himself and his self interests of lobbying contributions.

The ridiculousness and and danger of Political Correctness to America.

Barack Obama

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